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New Projects

Vertical Garden

Using discarded wood pallets, the Intergenerational Garden & Food Pantry Project is demonstrating upcycling AND increasing growing space!

Pallets are turned to orient vertically and are lined with old tarp mesh to create an “envelope.”  This is filled with compost, slits are cut into the mesh and planted with herbs and edible flowers.

Butterfly Garden

Created by students of the Lowell School under the supervision of Maureen Regan, Horticultural Therapist, the Butterfly Garden was completed in May 2013.

Though the plants are still young, their flowers have already been doing their job attracting a variety of butterflies including Monarchs, Black Swallowtails, and White Cabbage Moths.  “Chairs” created from fallen tree trunks offer visitors a great spot to relax and watch the show! 

Learn more about attracting butterflies.

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