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Repetition in Design

Beginning Friday, January 25 and running through April 15th, the Visitor & Administration  Building Gallery will exhibit Repetition in Design by Gennadyi Gurman, QBG  Supervising Museum Instructor.

The exhibit is a series of oil paintings on canvas, including some with their inspiring original sketches.  Mr. Gurman explains his creative process for the series as an exploration of life inside the repetitive shapes from which each image started. The paintings are not determined until the shapes themselves start to build their own images, hence the concept of repetition in design.

While the pieces have familiar forms from nature, some pieces progress towards dimension and movement, while others specify the simplicity of the flat canvas. “Some of these pieces are influenced by the way the 8-bit video games from the 80’s looked, also from cartoons; but all show a bright color contrast -  they show life.”

Mr. Gurman also shows his interest in using reclaimed materials by salvaging frames and other parts from abandoned and forgotten pictures and paintings thrown out by others. “For me, there wasn’t any "higher order of thinking" while creating my pieces, but that they came to life after repetition. I just want others to enjoy them, have fun, and find them aesthetically pleasing.”

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