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Seeing the World - Handmade Paper Artwork

On display in September 2009, this exhibition features recent handmade paper artworks created by American artist Jane Ingram Allen while working in Taiwan and other countries.  Jane’s mixed media installations use materials from a particular place and time and reflect her travels and artist in residency projects throughout Taiwan and in Tanzania, Africa and Bali, Indonesia.  Jane has been living in Taiwan since coming there as a Fulbright Scholar in 2004 and 2005.  After the Fulbright grant was completed, Jane has continued her work as an independent artist doing artist-in-residency projects in Taiwan, the USA and other countries. 

Jane calls the works she creates about a particular place and time “site maps,” and they reflect her impressions and experience of that place. Maps are a way of seeing the world and translating the landscape into a two-dimensional form. The “site maps” are made from materials found in that place.  Jane begins each work by creating handmade paper from local plants and experiments to find the most interesting plants to use in each place.  She also collects materials about the culture and history of the place and talks with local people to reflect their stories in each piece.  These “site maps” are mixed media works that are two-sided and hang in space creating an installation that the viewers can walk through to experience a sort of journey in time and space. 

The “site map” works selected for this exhibition at the Queens Botanical Garden were created at different places in Taiwan, Tanzania and Bali offer viewers a different way of “seeing the world.”

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