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Infinite India: An Excess of Reality

A rich collection of stunning photographs by Ed & Joyce Morrill, "Infinite India" is presented jointly with The Hindu Temple Society of North America.  The exhibit is on display in the Visitor & Administration Building Gallery from February 12 through June 15, 2009.

The Morrills documented their Fall 2005 travels through Northern India, caputuring varied subjects from architecture to the Pushkar Camel Fair, while exploring people and their connection to spirituality, work, and the land.

Seasoned photographers and travelers, the Morrills were amazed by the sensory bombardment of India and their desire to share this with others, as detailed in the Introduction to their book, "Infinite India: An Excess of Reality."

"India forced us to see with 'beginner's eyes' and we have come to believe that through the large array and variety of images artfully assembled for our exhibits, we have provided others the rare opportunity to see beyond cliches, to see freshly and deeply, as India requires.

An Indian friend reflecting on our work said, 'You have not seen just the poverty and problems of my country; you have seen her beautiful soul.'

This is what we have wished to communicate and we are delighted with the continuing opportunities we have had to do that."

Visit the Morrills' website to learn more about their work and to purchase their book, "Infinite India."

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