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Enchanted Earth 2.0

Photography is my preferred medium. Through the viewfinder otherwise ordinary subjects are transformed into images I have never seen before. I try to capture a moment, an emotional response, an instant of being that will vanish in a heartbeat and to preserve, at least for a little while, a tiny strand of the vast web of existence. Through the process of photography I am able to achieve some small measure of serenity.” – Barbara Leven

Beginning October 1 and running through January 2012,  Enchanted Earth 2.0, a photography exhibit by Barbara Leven will be on display in the Visitor & Administration Building Gallery. Thank you to Barbara and audience for a delightful Artist's Talk on Saturday, November 12.

Ms. Leven says photography is about light and time; the transformation of a field of light in an expressed fraction of time into a two dimensional image. This image becomes a window through which the artist enables the viewer to see beyond the obvious subject into a deeper meaning. The meaning becomes a dialogue between the viewer and the artist.

Born and raised in New York City, Barbara Leven took up photography upon graduation from Queens College of the City University of NY, where she majored in Art, specifically painting. Not finding her own “voice” in painting , she started fresh with a new medium, photography, and has been involved with it for over 25 years. Her work is represented in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Cincinnati Art Museum and important private collections.

Ms. Leven began to photograph “nature” just prior to the death of her father in 2005, when in need of solace she journeyed to New York City’s botanical gardens armed with a camera and macro lens.

Since that time, in gardens and wilder places, nature has become a major theme in her work. Through the lens she says she “seeks to unlock some secret the subject holds either in its perfection, or its decay; its relationship to weather, and the environment; to discover something I have not seen before so that I might more fully understand in a spiritual sense the cycles of life of which I too am a part.”

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