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Rose Garden

Welcome to QBG's Rose Garden. Redesigned in 2009, this garden consolidates two older rose gardens into a beautiful, welcoming space awash with color and fragrance.

Flower beds are arranged in a concentric circular pattern with a large central bed, bordered by gray paving stones recovered during construction.  Mounded with soil, these beds demonstrate how roses can be grown in a landscape that can experience occasional flooding.


Copper trellising marks entrances to the Rose Garden, made more enticing by climbing roses.  Trellising continues around the stone path providing a vertical element to the garden’s design.  Such features make the Rose Garden a favorite place for wedding ceremonies and photographs.

Roses are carefully chosen for their disease and pest resistance, eliminating the need for pesticides and fungicides.  Low-growing perennials like creeping thyme and sedum not only set off the roses, but also reduce weeds and prevent soil erosion.

See the photo gallery documenting the creation of the Rose Garden.


Photos: H. David Stein & Shari Romar


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