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Education & Resources

For Students
A leader in environmental education, QBG welcomes students across New York City and beyond to our 39-acre living museum. Our hands-on workshops for Pre-K through High School learners cover a myriad of topics from Honeybees to Biomes, and our instructors are noted for their wealth of knowledge about plants, animals, and insects as well as sustainable design and environmental stewardship principles.

For Teachers
Courses cover a variety of Science 12Practices and follow a “Science Immersion Model for Professional Learning.” Teachers engage in hands-on activities that align with current science standards, the NGSS, and Common Core Literacy and Math. QBG’s Professional Learning courses equip teachers with skills and lessons to enliven their classrooms and engage their students. Depending on topic, workshops run 1/2 day to over 5 days in length. Work with our professional development staff to customize a program best suited to the needs of your staff.


To learn more about our resources for students and teachers, click on our guide below:

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