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Composting is nature's recycling.  We can speed up the process by creating the ideal conditions for the rapid decomposition of organic materials, such as leaves, vegetable, and fruit peels. Compost is the dark, crumbly, soil-like material that remains once organic materials have decomposed.

In 1993, the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) created the NYC Compost Project, which established compost programs at the City's 4 botanical gardens and the Lower East Side Ecology Center in Manhattan.  Today, DSNY's Bureau of Recycling & Sustainability funds and manages compost projects in all 5 boroughs and also maintains a comprehensive website on composting.

The NYC Compost Project hosted by Queens Botanical Garden works to educate Queens and the rest of New York City on the many benefits of composting.  These benefits include bringing nutrients back to our city soils, reducing solid waste and sanitation costs, and creating a sustainable and healthy environment.

Contact the NYC Compost Project hosted by Queens Botanical Garden:
Queens Botanical Garden
43-50 Main Street
Flushing, NY  11355

Compost Helpline: 718.539.LAWN (5296) and compost@queensbotanical.org.

Current information and services include the following:

Compost 101

Learn how to compost your leaves, kitchen scraps, garden clippings, and other select organic material by following these easy instructions.

Compost & Lawn Care Workshops

Find Queens workshops and citywide workshops.

Compost Demonstration Garden

See the latest composting systems in action in the Compost Demonstration Garden including the Earth Machine, a 3-bin system, a compost bench, and other bins suitable for backyards in Queens.

Compost Bin Sales

The Earth Machine (available to NYC residents for $65, tax included) can be purchased by city residents by appointment only.  Also available in limited quantities are Compost Cranks for $32 and Rodent Guards for $20.  Please note, bin sales are by appointment and only cash or check payment is accepted.

Please call the Compost Helpline at 718.539.LAWN (5296) or email compost@queensbotanical.org to make an appointment.

Teacher Training

Be the first in your school to have a worm bin in the classroom! NYC Teacher “Wormshop”: Worm Composting for the Classroom is open to New York City schoolteachers grades K - 12.  The NYC Compost Project in Queens offers teacher trainings for worm bin composting periodically throughout the year.  Check our calendar for upcoming wormshops.  Please contact us if you are interested in having a teacher training at your school.

Master Composter Certificate Program

Become an expert! Learn how composting benefits backyards and gardens, as well as fits into New York City’s waste management plans. This comprehensive training program has a community service component.

Compost Resources

See our listing of NYC worm suppliers, NYC food scrap drop-off sites, leaf composting, MulchFest, compost-related books, compost websites, and other resources.


The NYC Compost Project works to rebuild NYC's soils by providing New Yorkers with the knowledge, skills and opportunities they need to produce and use compost locally.  The project is funded and managed by the
NYC Department of Sanitation's Bureau of  Recycling & Sustainability
. Learn more at nyc.gov/compostproject

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