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Adult Tours


Green Building and Landscape Tour

Tour the new Award-Winning environmentally sustainable Green Building and see new technologies, such as:  the Green Roof, Cleansing Biotope, Rain-Collecting Roof and Composting Toilets.  Visit the rest of the grounds and learn how to garden in harmony with the environment.

$175 for a group of 10- 25

Garden Guided Tour

Tour through QBG’s garden exhibits that provide seasonal displays, vary year to year, and provide a showcase of environmental, botanical and cultural themes.  Our permanent gardens include the Bee Garden with working hives, as well as the Woodland, Herb, Perennial, and Wetland Gardens.

$175 for a group of 10- 25

Self Guided Tour

An excellent opportunity for groups to explore QBG at their own pace and investigate the exhibit areas.  A map is provided.

$45 per group

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