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Cultural Research

A Garden of Diversity

Queens Botanical Garden, located in Flushing, serves New York City’s largest and most ethnically diverse borough. In 1997, the Garden adopted a new vision that reflects the great cultural diversity that exists in Queens. Since then, the Garden has been committed to presenting “plants as unique expressions of cultural traditions.”

Much of the ethnographic data presented here is the result of independent fieldwork conducted in Queens. QBG worked closely with community members who were eager to share their knowledge of cultural traditions. These individuals served as important liaisons between QBG and the Queens community, acting simultaneously as storytellers, teachers, and interpreters. 

The information contained in these pages and publications represents a small fraction of what is to be learned from the many ethnic communities living in Queens. The cultural landscape of Queens is forever changing and adapting. As emerging immigrant communities shift and become established, cultural traditions adapt. We encourage all to take notice and enjoy the rich cultural diversity of this truly unique borough.

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