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Living Green

Photo: Leoncio Romero

What does it mean to Live Green?

It can mean a lot of things.

Living Green can be as simple as making greener (good for you and good for the environment) choices in your everyday life, like choosing products that are certified green by a third party. Did you know that by installing Green Label carpeting, you can create a healthier home for your family?

Living Green can mean finding out what your carbon footprint is, taking action to reduce it, and spreading the word.

At QBG, we are working to create a healthier community (to us, community means plants, animals, and people!) through good green gardening practices and green building strategies, such as resource conservation, and by demonstrating in big and small ways that we can all make a difference.

Shredfest! Kids compost newspapers in the Children’s Garden.
Photo: Teri Bloom

Come visit QBG and get some green inspiration. You can get started by checking out some of the resources and references here, too.

Go Green Tips from QBG

  • Compost your leaves and food waste. Use this black gold instead of chemical fertilizers to feed your garden. To find out how, see Composting 101, attend a workshop, or e-mail the Queens Compost Project..
  • Install photovoltaic panels (solar panels) on your roof to harvest energy straight from the sun, and save on your electric bill. Find out how at www.PowerNaturally.org.
  • Adopt or plant a tree in your community. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. Learn how you can adopt a tree at QBG.
  • Buy locally grown produce. Less fuel and energy are expended when fruits and vegetables are transported to the City from tri-state area farms.

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