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Worms on the Web

Worms (and more) on the World Wide Web
The Internet has quickly become a great resource for students and teachers alike. Here is a list of vermicomposting Internet resources. Also, check out the extensive list of resources and worm and compost suppliers at www.nyccompost.org.

Basic Worm Composting Information
Basic composting information, an extensive link list, and illustrated materials on large-scale vermicomposting operations make this a site to bookmark.

Created by City Farmer, Canada’s Office of Urban Agriculture, this site answers the questions: why, what, where, and how.

Here’s a good overview of the composting process that even talks about worm pits and includes a French translation.

Sites for Kids and Educators

Cornell University’s composting website offers concise descriptions of compost "critters" and is illustrated with drawings and photos. Several interesting pages contain teacher resources and possible student projects. Be sure to check out the section on weird and unusual composting http://compost.css.cornell.edu/weird.html.

Articles and hundreds of links found here cover all aspects of composting.

This page from Vermitech Systems has detailed information on worm biology.

Earthworm Digest offers many excellent articles online.

Mary Appelhof’s website packs in lots of information and trivia. You can even see clips of a worm’s hearts (it has five pairs!) and baby worms hatching from a cocoon. Check out the vermicomposting classics, Worms Eat My Garbage and Worms Eat Our Garbage, and other publications.

This colorful website geared toward kids features things like "Worm World" and interviews with different types of worms.

Technical and Academic Sites

New Mexico State University’s composting publication features several descriptions of composting and mulching as well as a lengthy list of chemical characteristics (pH, nitrogen, phosphorous, iron, etc.) for different mulches, composts, and manures.

Commercial/Business Sites

Want to brew your own compost tea? Interested in vermicycling? Worm supplier VermiCo keeps its site well stocked with the latest product information and an informative newsletter, Casting Call.

Find out how you can help save the planet with a few thousand worms and a Worm-A-Roo™.

Also of Note:Organic Renewal Enterprises
c/o Lower East Side Ecology Center
P.O. Box 20488
New York, NY 10009
P: 212.477.4022
E-mail: info@lesecologycenter.org

NYC’s only worm retailer is a great resource for worms, worm bins, compost bins, potting soil, and vermicompost, which costs $17 per lb.

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