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Green Roof Monitoring


Queens Botanical Garden has enlisted the expertise of Columbia University's Center for Climate Systems Research to monitor the water and energy balances of the Visitor Center's green roof.  Since April of 2008, the instrumentation installed on the green roof and the roof of the Administrative wing of the building has been logging data about the green roof's weather conditions, soil moisture, soil temperature, soil surface temperature as well as recording data on surface temperature of sample white and black roof surfaces. 

Our 3,000 square foot green roof is one of five green roofs in the New York City area currently being monitored by Dr. Stuart Gaffin of Columbia University. 


Top right: weather station at the base of Visitor Center green roof.

Bottom right: infrared guns taking surface temperatures of a sample black roof and white roof on the top of the Administrative wing of the Visitor Center.

Image Credits: Nicole De Feo


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