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May 2009 Construction Update

permeable pavers
 first parking bay

After a wet winter, construction on the Parking Garden is finally gaining momentum.  Curbs for the first two of three parking bays have been laid out, as well as the conduits for electric.  Soil from the excavation of the Visitor & Administration Center has been relocated to a slight berm along College Point Blvd.  The mock-ups at right give a sense of the final layer of pavers. 

For more information on this project, click here, or go to the 'current project' tab on the left. 

Top right: mock up of permeable pavers for parking space, and cobble curb to allow for stormwater drainage.

Bottom right: view of layout of first parking bay.  Oversized gravel makes up the first in a series of drainage layers to manage stormwater.

Photo credits: Nicole De Feo



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