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April 2008 Construction Update

qbg store shade

Work has continued through the winter to successfully set up the rainwater system and gray water recycling system.  Both systems are currently in full operation!  Punchlist work continues to progress and training of QBG staff continues as each system is turned over to the Garden.

Construction will begin this spring on the last part of Phase one of the Master Plan; the Parking Garden.  Parking will still be available to visitors through a temporary entrance.  The Parking Garden will welcome visitors to a shaded, permeable and planted area that will manage stormwater through a system of bioswales and native plants similar to the landscapes surrounding the Visitor & Administration Center.

With the installation of a new screen, the QBG Store is officially open to Garden visitors.

Top Right: A pair of ducks look for food in the cleansing biotope.

Bottom Right: The new screen for the QBG Store in the lobby of the Visitor & Administration Center.

Photographs by Nicole De Feo


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