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December 2007 Construction Update

Work continues on the building systems this month, with the rainwater system nearly complete.  Representatives from our landscape architecture team were on site in November to punchlist landscape items and help with the startup of the rainwater and greywater systems. 

Testing and balancing, commissioning and punchlist items continue to be carried out.  Meanwhile the new auditorium has had its first few uses for elections, group rentals, and QBG programs.  An FSC certified, salvaged hemlock fence has been erected on the west side of the site, just beyond the cleansing biotope and bioswale to define the view and separate QBG workspaces from public garden space. 

Top Right: View of hemlock fence and west side of Visitor & Administration Center during peak fall foilage.

Bottom Right: New auditorium space in the Visitor & Administration Center.

Photographs by Nicole De Feo




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