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Parking Garden Project

Parking Garden

"A Gateway to Green Living"

Rendering of new Parking Garden in construction.  Sven Johnson Illustration

The Parking Garden is composed of a variety of paving materials including permeable pavers to allow infiltration of water and parking bays interrupted by planted bioswales that manage stormwater on site.  It will include 6 ADA compliant spaces, 92 standard spaces and 19 overflow spaces (composed of grass grown in a gravel medium) for 117 total spaces.  These new landscapes all contribute to QBG’s efforts to foster environmental stewardship and enhance the visitor experience.

Click to Enlarge Image. Queens Botanical Garden Master Plan Ilustration 

The above illustration demonstrates how the new Parking Garden will manage stormwater, mitigate urban heat island effect and transform the visitor's view of a what defines a parking area.

Other new landscapes are both botanical collections and functional parts of the Garden’s water conservation and stormwater management systems. These include bioswales, a green roof, a cleansing biotope, and a constructed wetland.

To learn more about how this project helps our environment, please explore the Sustainable Systems page.

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